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PADA has been serving the piedmont community since 2006 and our membership continues to grow as the general public becomes aware of the benefits a doula can provide to a family during the childbearing years. We hope you find this site to be informative and that you will contact us with any questions that may arise.

Women have supported each other throughout their lives and have traditionally had a supportive and active role during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. "Doula" is an ancient Greek word meaning "woman servant" and today, a special breed of women are choosing to train as birth and postpartum doulas in order to continue the same active role in women's lives that their foremothers provided. 

In labor support terminology, "birth doula" refers to a supportive woman (not a friend or loved one) professionally trained to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women and their partners during labor and birth. The doula offers help and advice on comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning. She also assists families to gather information about the course of their labor and their options. Perhaps the most crucial role of the doula is providing continuous emotional reassurance and comfort. Doulas specialize in non-medical skills and do not perform clinical tasks. Most importantly, doulas do not make decisions for their clients; they do not project their own values and goals onto the laboring woman. The doula's goal is to help the family have a safe and satisfying childbirth as the laboring couple defines it.

"Post partum doula" refers to women who are trained or experienced in providing postpartum care (mother and newborn care, breastfeeding support and advice, cooking, child care, errands, and light cleaning) for the new family. The doula provides a role model from which the family can learn and healthfully grow. 

A doula does not replace the partner. Instead, she enhances the support of the partner so that he or she can be fully present. The expectations of a partner's role as the sole support person may be difficult to fulfill. A doula can facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner and medical care providers. A partner may not understand a woman’s instinctive behavior during childbirth and may react anxiously to what a doula knows to be the normal process of birth. Many partners are eager to be involved during labor, birth and newborn care. Others, no less loving or committed to their mother's well being find it difficult to navigate in uncharted waters. With a doula, a partner can share in the birth at a level he or she feels most comfortable with.

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Studies1 show there are many benefits that come from working with a doula. They include:
  • shorter labor lengths
  • reduction in requests for epidural
  • decreased use of forceps or vacuum
  • increased confidence in husband or partner
  • reduction in cesarean rates
  • higher breastfeeding success rates
  • more opportunity to spend time bonding with baby
  • easier transition into parenthood
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We exist to promote the benefits of doula-assisted birthing and postpartum care through education, information and communication, and to support each local doula in providing the highest level of professional care to the birthing families in the Piedmont area.
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