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ShLanda BurtonShLanda Burton, B.S., CD(DONA) is a Nutrition Specialist, Certified Birth Doula, and Independent Childbirth Educator with more than 15 years of women's, infants and childrens' healthcare advocacy, education,  and experience. Ms. Burton has worked in both Southern California and North Carolina with thousands of pregnant women and families in both public and private health and wellness environments. She brings continuous and up-to-date information and knowledge to her Certified Birth Doula Services. She is committed to education of families in breastfeeding, birthing, and parenting for today's new parents that want to know their options, for beautiful birthing experiences and positive birthing outcomes.

She is the founder of Births Your Way, in Winston Salem, NC. You can locate her on Facebook where ShLanda shares post, news and educational events in the Greater Piedmont Triad Area for families. ShLanda currently teaches independent natural childbirth classes and techniques at Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center in Statesville, NC, including water birthing and water labor information.


She believes in health, support, and what is best for mother, baby and the family. Nacimientos a tu manera salud, soporte para la madre, el bebe, y familia. Se, Hablamos Espanol', por favor llamada, (336) 422-6744, gracias.

Email: birthsyourway@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BirthsYourWay




Sarah CarterSarah is originally from the Piedmont area, but lived in the Washington D.C. area for a few years where she trained to be a Bradley Method Teacher (Childbirth Educator) and doula through toLabor (formerly ALACE) in 2009. Sarah is currently teaching The Bradley Method classes in Greensboro and you can get more information at her website: www.naturalbabyhappyfamily.com. In 2012, Sarah joined together with another Triad area doula, Christina Flaherty, and started Natural Baby Doulas, LLC. Natural Baby Doulas now includes Sarah, Christina and their newest doula, Jessica Bower. Natural Baby Doulas fully enjoy supporting any family, couple, or parent during this special time in their lives! Natural Baby Doulas attends births from Chapel Hill to Statesville, and everywhere in between including hospital, birth center, and home births! Since becoming a doula and Childbirth Educator, Sarah has completed training in Placenta Encapsulation, bereavement support, Postpartum Belly Binding, and professional Water Birth training. For more information about Natural Baby Doula’s services visit: www.naturalbabydoulas.com. Sarah’s goal as a childbirth educator and doula is to provide holistic physical, emotional, and educational support to the mother-to-be and her entire birth team.

Email: naturalbabyhappyfamily@gmail.com

Website: www.naturalbabydoulas.com




Wenda ClinardWenda is a native of Forsyth County. She brings many life experiences to her doula practice including mothering her three children, the study of yoga and yoga therapy, volunteering in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Forsyth Medical Center, working part time at O Baby Organics, involvement with the Pediatric Community Alliance and various community grass roots not-for-profit organizations. She is a DONA certified birth doula, received training in attending water births through Waterbirth International, has completed RTS Bereavement Training in Perinatal loss and is a Reiki I practitioner. Wenda has volunteered as a birth doula in Uganda and hopes to continue her "traveling birth doula" work in the future. Wenda's nurturing nature and mothering touch enable her to assist pregnant women in creating an environment in which they feel safe and supported during labor and birth.

Email: wenda@triad.rr.com

Blog: http://travelingbirthdoula.blogspot.com

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Yakana CrossI have experience in hospital and out-of- hospital birth, to include multiples and cesarean section. I am able to offer support regardless of the setting or circumstances. What I Offer: birth support expertise through birth information regarding the process and possible interventions, non-medical comfort measures to reduce the likelihood of medical pain relief if this is what is desired, continuous encouragement and support throughout the birthing process and suggestions to the birth partner that can foster bonding between the mother and birth partner during the birthing process

Email: maternaholistic@gmail.com

Email: yakanacross@gmail.com

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PHYLLIS R. D'AGOSTINO, M.Ed., Ed.S., CD/ PCD (DONA), LCCE, NCPEN 1, Certified H.U.G. Teacher

Phyllis D'AgostinoPhyllis is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE), a Certified H.U.G. Teacher (Help, Understanding and Guidance), Credentialed Parent Educator I through North Carolina Parent Education Network(NCPEN), and successfully completed the NC Lactation Educator Training Program. With over 25 years of experience working with families, she believes that all parents need support, help and encouragement at the beginning of their exciting new parenting journey and experience. Phyllis lives in Winston-Salem with her husband and two grown sons.

Email: familycaredoula@gmail.com

Website: www.phyllisdagostino.com

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Christina FlahertyChristina and her husband, Brian, are the proud parents of two beautiful boys, ages 8 and 4 years. In 2004, Christina gave birth to her first son in a hospital and used an epidural for pain relief. However, both mother and son experienced serious side effects from it, so when she became pregnant for the second time in 2008, it was her hope to find a better way of birthing. She was so happy to find The Bradley Method® and learn about pregnancy, her body and how to have a natural childbirth. With the help and support of her wonderful coach and doula, the birth was beautiful! Both mother & baby were alert, healthy and their family bonded tremendously after the delivery. This momentous event inspired her to help other families achieve a natural childbirth. Christina became an accredited Bradley Method® teacher and doula through the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth. Christina maintains a doula partnership along with two other Bradley Method® educators, Sarah Carter and Carrie Moran. Their website can be found at www.naturalbabydoulas.com. Their goal is to help women have the best, safest, and most rewarding birth experience possible. They believe that with the right instruction, mental attitude and support, every woman can achieve a natural childbirth. Breastfeeding became another passion for Christina after nursing both of her sons during the first years of their lives. She is a Certified Lactation Specialist offering in-home breastfeeding support to new mothers. For more information about breastfeeding support or childbirth education classes, please visit www.ncnaturalbaby.com.

Email: Christina@ncnaturalbaby.com

Website: www.ncnaturalbaby.com, www.naturalbabydoulas.com

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Mary GillettMary has been a DONA certified birth doula since 2007, and now provides full water birth equipment rental as part of her service. She is the mother of two young adult children. Her own personal birth history is varied, including c-section, VBAC, and pregnancy loss. She believes that every birth is a precious, unique experience and — like all aspects of parenting — fairly unpredictable! Her desire is to provide the birthing mother and her partner with the support necessary to increase their chances of having the most natural, positive and memorable birth experience possible. Mary is also a WIC-certified Breastfeeding Peer Educator, a professional Health Educator, and has a background as a trained social worker. Visit her website for more complete information to see if she might be a good match to support you in this important event for your growing family!

Email: mgillett@triad.rr.com

Website: www.mgdoula.com

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Becky HaleBecky Hale is a certified birth doula through DONA International and has also trained through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association). After many years as a career nanny and wilderness counselor,  she read about what doulas do, and decided to put her care taking skills to a new position, helping women and their partners have positive, supported births. She began offering birth doula services in 2007, and has supported many families in the Triad area since. She enjoys giving support to mothers, their partners and other family members during the labor experience, and believes strongly that every type of birth needs and deserves a doula. Becky has experience with a variety of labor settings, including natural births, epidural births, twins, water births and caesareans. In addition, she enjoys providing photography during labor. Becky brings her many years of nanny experience to her work as well, providing newborn nanny services to families in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point areas. Becky is excited to serve and support the many moms-to-be and their partners in this area.

Email: piedmontdoulas@gmail.com

Website: www.piedmontdoulas.com

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CAROL LEE, DONA Trained Postpartum Doula

Carol LeeCarol is a trained Postpartum Doula currently working on her certification through DONA International. She has worked in the world of medicine for all of her adult life. Her background includes hospital radiology, orthopedic care experience, urgent care experience and medical office practice administration. After the birth of her granddaughter, Carol realized that learning how to care for an infant doesn't always come naturally. In today's world, a young mother can find herself having to go it alone and can feel very isolated and unsure. Carol feels every new family deserves the opportunity to get off to a wonderful start. She enjoys helping young couples and families adjust to their new normal. Her goal is to help educate and support them during a very special but demanding time with a new infant.

Email: carol@postpartumcareservices.com

Website: www.postpartumcareservices.com

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Monica MelvinMonica is a Registered Nurse with years of Women's Health Experience. She is a certified childbirth educator and certified birth doula through the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA). She currently leads the Childbirth Education Program at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, which has over 6,000 births per year. She has also completed over 20 hours of breastfeeding education and skills validation. Monica believes in empowering women to become educated, informed, and an advocate for a positive birth and breastfeeding experience. Her combination of education, experience, and medical background allows her clients to have knowledgeable support throughout pregnancy and birth.

Email: melvmd@hotmail.com

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Sally MeredithAs a mother Sally understands that birth is one of the most physically demanding, emotionally gratifying and transformative experiences of your life. The memory of that experience is one that will be cherished by the mother forever. All the details of birth are important and every women deserves loving support. Sally is a DONA certified birth doula, Hypnobabies® Certified Hypno-Doula and a Reiki Master practitioner. She looks forward to helping mothers with all types of birth preferences have a positive and empowering experience.

Email: SallyMeredith@yahoo.com

Website: www.DoulaSAM.com

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Margo SheltonMargo and her husband have lived in Salisbury, NC since 2003 where they are work-from-home parents to three young children.

During Margo's first two births, her sister Megan provided excellent support.  When Megan was unable make it to the hospital in time for her third child, Margo realized just how vital having that support was. She began studying to become a doula shortly after that experience in 2011.

Margo believes that every woman can benefit from the support of a doula, and every woman who desires labor support deserves it!

Her goal is for moms to think back on their pregnancy and childbirth with positive, empowering memories!

Margo is willing to work on all holidays and will travel.

Email: shelton.margo@gmail.com

Website: www.salisburydoulanc.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/salisburydoula

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Judith (Kenny) ShulmanHi!

I am Kenny Shulman, a DONA certified birth doula and the mother of a totally awesome young man. I began this journey as a volunteer with the Greensboro YWCA doula program, and continue to volunteer today. This allows me to actively practice DONA's vision… "A doula for every woman who wants one."

As of 2016, and through Triad Birth Doula, LLC, I have attended almost 150 women in their childbirth. This means that over the years I have had various experiences and situations with pregnancies, labor and birth. It also means that I have experience with various care providers and have spent many hours at Women’s Hospital in Greensboro, NC. It has been said that my specialty is attending waterbirths, which I dearly love. I provide my pools and equipment to my clients who wish to have this gentler birth.

I am also an educated child birth instructor and will offer classes to you and your partner at your convenience and in the privacy of your home. My classes are based on Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices.

But my biggest passion is working with people like you and your partner and watching the light turn on as you realize that you are the consumer; you have universal rights; this is your body, your baby, your experience!

Give me a call or drop me a message! I would love to be able to chat with you!

Triad Birth Doula, LLC

Phone: 336.312.4678

Email: KennyShulman@aol.com

Website: www.TriadBirthDoula.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TriadBirthDoula

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Shirena SmithShirena Smith graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and she received a Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of South Carolina at Columbia. She has been in Private Practice settings since 2002. She is certified as a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Transpersonal Hypnotist and a Certified Doula. Shirena has over16 years working experience in Maternal Women’s Health.

Now accepting patients for the following: Outpatient Counseling (Maternal Counseling), Hypnotherapy (Weight Loss, Smoking, Anxiety, Stress, Addictions, Labor/Delivery, Pain, Spiritual), Doula Services (Pre & Post Delivery), Trauma Focused Treatment and Clinical Supervision/ Consultation

Email: sscounseling@yahoo.com

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Kerry StevensAfter having an amazing experience birthing her son, Kerry became passionate about helping women to have their own miraculous birth experiences. She believes women were created to give birth, and with support and education have the power to have a life-changing, positive experience. In May of 2013 Kerry had another amazing birth experience, this time giving birth in the water to a little girl. Kerry is a DONA certified birth doula. She also has a background in Early Childhood Education and loves being a stay at home mother to her son and daughter.

Email: positivebirthKAS@gmail.com

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Tequita WilliamsonTequita Williamson certified with DONA International as a birth doula in 2003 and has a broad range of experience in a variety of labor settings. She attends births in hospitals and birth centers, as well as home births. She has experience with births with no interventions, epidurals, water births, twins, and Cesarean births. Tequita supports your goals and helps you navigate the often confusing world of labor and delivery.

Giving birth is a wonderful, life-changing event, and she considers it an honor to be trusted with her role at your birth. Memories of this day remain with women for the rest of their lives! For this reason, she feels strongly that clients should know all their options and encourages them to do their own research. She is happy to provide evidence-based information which helps in making informed choices. Tequita believes that you should be accepted and supported according to the birth choices you need and desire, therefore, her birth philosophy is whatever YOURS is.

Tequita fulfills all the training re-certification required by DONA and she is waterbirth trained. She takes continuing education classes to better serve you, and enjoys researching relevant topics in an effort to keep up with current information.

Tequita is married, and mom to a college-age daughter. Their home is a refuge for an assortment of rescued animals and she is involved with several local animal rescue organizations. When not attending births, Tequita enjoys reading, the mountains, and spending time with friends.

Email: doulaquita@att.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HeartandHandsBirthDoula

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Tamara Ann Gallimore (TAG) WoodsTag is licensed and nationally certified as a massage & bodywork therapist, specializing in fertility, prenatal, postpartum and infant massage.Her passion for nurturing women and children during this season of their lives drew her to become a Certified Massage Birth Assistant (doula) in 2002.Tag teaches HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education, Nurturing the Pregnant Couple workshops and Infant Massage. Sharing this work and her knowledge, Tag shares her vision for honoring the birth journey by nurturing the family.

Email: tagwoods@triad.rr.com
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JESSICA BOWER, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Jessica BowerJessica is from Greensboro and loves living there with her husband and three children. Jessica regretted not having a doula at her first birth. For her next two births, she hired Natural Baby Doulas and had two beautiful natural births. Sarah and Christina of Natural Baby Doulas made the biggest difference for her and they were amazing for her husband as well. After her third birth, Jessica decided that she wanted to become a doula because she loves and respects birth and she wants to help moms reach their birth goals – she knows this is much more attainable with the caring support of a doula. She loves processing birth with new moms, helping them learn how to wear their babies, and encouraging them through the challenges of breastfeeding. She is DONA trained and has learned how to support moms and partners in labor by watching Sarah and Christina and being a doula on her own with a variety of moms. She is thrilled to now be a part of the Natural Baby Doulas group. Natural Baby Doulas now includes Sarah Carter, Christina Flaherty and their newest doula, Jessica Bower. Natural Baby Doulas fully enjoys supporting any family, couple, or parent during this special time in their lives! Natural Baby Doulas attends births from Chapel Hill to Statesville, and everywhere in between including hospital, birth center, and home births!

Email: jessicaleebower@gmail.com

Website: www.naturalbabydoulas.com

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MIRANDA GAINEY, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Miranda GaineyMiranda Gainey is a native of Lenoir NC and has been living in Greensboro for the past 7 years. Miranda is a 2011 graduate of the University of North Carolina- Greensboro in Public Health. Miranda has always had an interest in Empowering Woman and their families. Miranda works at the YWCA in Greensboro as the Teen Parent Mentor Program Coordinator.

Miranda was trained by Dona in 2011 and is now awaiting Dona International Certification. Later this year Miranda will be participating in the Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes offered by Duke AHEC.

Miranda is providing discount Doula services while waiting on certification, to gain the experience to serve moms of all populations to her best ability.

Email: doulamirandag@gmail.com

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TAMMY LEONARD, LMBT #9898, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Tammy LeonardTammy is a Massage Therapist and Spiritual Ecologist. Integrating a true holistic approach for her clients has been an important factor in her practice. While having a diverse list of modalities as a Massage Therapist, she knows from her own two birth experiences the benefits of having massage during pregnancy and is passionate about using her knowledge of massage to include in her Doula services. She brings focus on the unique needs of the mother as her body adapts to the universal change of pregnancy and feels it an honor to share in that journey. As a Birth Doula working to complete her certification she feels her own personal and professional experience enhances her empathy and desire to nurture the mother and provide unconditional support. She seeks to understand where the mother is mentally, emotionally and physically. She is currently offering a discount on Birth Doula service that includes pre-natal and post-natal therapeutic pregnancy massage while waiting on her certification. Tammy lives in Winston Salem, and practices from her own private studio in downtown Winston Salem in the historic West End area.

Email: sacredbirthdoulanc@gmail.com

Website: www.massagestudionc.com

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Jacqueline MessickJacqueline is the mother of three. She has been attending births for the past 14 years and was DONA certified in 2009. Jacqueline has experience as a La Leche League leader and can help facilitate the breastfeeding process. Being a mother is the greatest joy in her life and she is honored to work with mothers during their births.

Email: birthfriend@yahoo.com

Website: www.greensboro-doula.com

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SHELBY SMITH, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Shelby SmithShelby is an aspiring nurse midwife living in Greensboro, NC graduating from Elon University with an undergraduate degree in Public Health Studies. She believes that all women have the right to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling birth experience and seeks to embody principles such as compassion, kindness, and empowerment through service as a birth doula, and in her job as a grant writer for maternal and child health programs in Burlington, NC. She would like to work with mothers to find the joy and reverence that awaits each woman in the birthing process, and serves families in whatever form they may take. She is awaiting certification from DONA, but is fully trained and qualified, and offers discounts to teens, single mothers, and full time students.

Email: shelbynsmith82@gmail.com

Website: https://shelbysmithbirthdoula.wordpress.com

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CAMERON H. TRADER, BS, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Cameron H. TraderCameron and her husband Brent are parents to four courageous boys and one adventurous girl. She is a 4 time VBAC mom and also shares with many moms the heartbreak of pregnancy loss. Cameron is passionate about natural health and wellness, breastfeeding, homeschooling and loves to read. Cameron desires to help moms and their partners feel empowered, safe and supported as they grow their families through pregnancy and birth. She is currently working with a group of doulas in the Piedmont area.

Email: cameron_trader@yahoo.com

Website: www.naturalbabydoulas.com

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OLGA TSITLIK, DONA Trained Birth Doula

Olga Tsitlik I am a DONA trained birth doula, currently pursuing certification with the goal of becoming a full-spectum doula. I believe that building families is a beautiful and often challenging undertaking, and that every pregnant parent should have the right to compassionate support and advocacy through this magical process. Everyone has the right to feel safe, cared for, and validated through their pregnancies, so I strive to make sure that my services are accessible to all. I am a student of herbal medicine, currently apprenticing with a local herbalist and pursuing an MA in Clinical Herbalism. As an herbalist, I bring the knowledge of the healing properties of plants and of food as medicine to my work. My background in the arts and creative writing has left me with an intuitive approach to health and a strong belief in the value of language and storytelling—the power of compassionate and reassuring words, of accurate information and the importance of a liason in talking to the medical establishment, and the beauty and meaning in a birth story. I want to work with mothers from all walks of life, and am particularly passionate about working with LGBTQ families and those who are building families through reproductive assistance, surrogacy, or adoption.

Email: tsitlik.olga@gmail.com

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PADA is not a doula certifying agency. In good faith we will do our best to verify the doula credentials and training of our members, but we urge consumers to check into the many other certifications, training and services provided by our members. Every doula certifying agency has slightly different training programs, educational requirements, and code of ethics. Feel free to ask your chosen doula about their preparation and certifying agency.

The Following PADA members provide water birth pool rentals for their clients. Please see their individual bios for their contact information.

ShLanda Burton

Phyllis D'Agostino

Mary Gillett

Becky Hale

My Positive Birth (Kerry Stevens)

Natural Baby Doulas (Sarah Carter, Christina Flaherty and Carrie Moran)

Margo Shelton

Kenny Shulman

Meredith Tanner

Tag Woods

AAHCC – American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth


BA – Bachelor of Arts


BS – Bachelor of Science


CAPPA – Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association


CD – Certified Doula


CBD – Certified Birth Doula


CLC – Certified Lactation Counselor


CLS – Certified Lactation Specialist


CPD – Certified Postpartum Doula

DONA – Doulas of North America


FACCE – Fellow, American College of Childbirth Educators


HBCE – HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator


HCHD – Hypnobabies Certified Doula


HCHI – Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor


LCCE – Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator


LMBT – Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist


M.Ed – Masters in Education


NCPEN – North Carolina Parenting Education Network


PADA – Piedmont Area Doula Association


PCD – Postpartum Certified Doula


SBD – Stillbirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula



We exist to promote the benefits of doula-assisted birthing and postpartum care through education, information and communication, and to support each local doula in providing the highest level of professional care to the birthing families in the Piedmont area.
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