Having Margo as our doula was one of the best decisions we made! She filled us with so much knowledge that we would have not known otherwise. Prior to using Margo I didn't even know what a doula was and now I would never get pregnant without hiring Margo to help. She is very good at what she does and definitely helped me while in labor. I have already recommended her to ALL my friends and family that are currently pregnant and will continue boasting about her to everyone I know that is pregnant. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!  

~ W. & N. R.

Testimonial for Phyllis

Phyllis was an invaluable partner through all stages of my high-risk pregnancy and delivery, and continues to be a wonderful part of our lives. She was just the calming, caring presence my husband and I needed at the hospital, where she offered much-needed physical – and emotional – comfort! Phyllis is always available to lend advice, has incredible experience, resources and community connections, and provides wonderful care for our little Henry.

~ Allison and Alan


Testimonial forCarrie

Carrie was a gift and an incredible asset during our labor. Her calm and encouraging demeanor helped enable us to remain confident and relaxed during our successful natural birth experience. She is well trained and educated. She is also wise, thoughtful, and supportive. Carrie is everything one could ever ask for in a Doula. We plan to use her again!

~ Chris and Liz




Testimonial for Bridget and Jessica

Bridget and Jessica were so loving and encouraging not only throughout the birth process but also throughout the latter part of my pregnancy. This was my 2nd child, but my 1st natural (non-medicated) birth. I looked forward to each and every prenatal visit to hear their ideas and learn about laboring positions and various ways to cope with labor pain. They were always passionate and knowledgeable in answering each and every question that arose, and they made me feel like no question was a dumb question. When I sit and think about the birth of my son, I still hear their cheery words of encouragement telling me, "Yes you can!" and "You are doing so good." I could not have asked for a better birth experience, and Jessica and Bridget helped to make my dream birth possible the 2nd time around.

~ Dana



Testimonial for Allison

We didn't have to worry about things because we knew that Alison would tell us what was part of the normal course of childbirth. It was great to have someone with us with so much experience.

~ Susan







Testimonial for Wenda

Wenda is amazing, and after being with us through pregnancy and 41 hours of labor, she’s also like family. At first, we weren’t entirely sure we wanted a birth doula. We were concerned that a doula might eclipse Jonathan’s role or distract us from the intimate moments we knew we’d be sharing during labor. Then we met Wenda, and she put us completely at ease. We can’t imagine what our birth story would have been like without her. She knew exactly when to offer support and when to hang back. She was a rock through a very long and strenuous labor, and we can’t thank her enough.

~ April and Jonathan


Testimonial for Allison

Postpartum care is like a bridge from before the baby comes until after you are on your feet. It provides strength for the transition to successful mothering.

~ Martha








Testimonial for Phyllis D'Agostino

Phyllis was a wonderful support before, during, and after our baby's delivery. My husband and I hoped to have a natural, low-intervention hospital birth. Phyllis met with us several times before the big day to talk about our goals and our different options, and met us at the hospital when we called. With her help and support we were able to accomplish all of our birth goals! Labor was not easy but she provided soothing massage, encouragement, and suggestions throughout to help us manage my pain and successfully deliver our healthy baby Samuel.

~ Denise and David


Testimonial for Christina Flaherty

Having Christina as our doula at both of our natural births was a wonderful decision. She provided a sense of calm and encouragement as well as great support for both my husband and myself. We highly recommend her services for those seeking a natural birth.

~ Heather & Robby






Our first birth experience lasted about 26 hours and my wife was in no shape to give me instructions. Having a doula was the best decisions we have ever made. I would never want my wife to have a baby without one.

~ Collyn







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